Stone Cluster, Pindwada, Sirohi
Cluster Profile
Cluster Name Stone Cluster, Pindwada, Sirohi
Implementing Agency Arpan Sewa Sansthan, Udaipur
Starting Year 2007-08
About the Cluster Rajasthan is specially known for the architecture and sculpture. Old Jain, Hindu temples & monuments are the examples are the temple of this fact. The Pindwara in Rajasthan has its importance in the field of marble carving. However, whole of the district Sirohi is a good centre of Jain and Hindu temples but Pindwara is famous for its carving work on Selwara Marble since long. Artisans of this cluster are world famous for temple construction.They have learned this skill from their ancestor and pass it down to next generation. It is common belief that If there is any construction of temple work all over the world, it could not complete without involvement of Pindwara artisan. This is proved by this fact that proposed “ Ram Mandir “ the lord Ram’s Temple at Ayodhaya is also being carved in Sirohi.
Product Group Stone Tiles and Slabs.
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